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Everybody Can Use A Little Lift

The DUX 8008 with Adjustable Lumbar Support

Adjustable Lumbar Support


The DUX Bed’s adjustable lumbar support system allows you to customize your side of the bed to your personal requirement for comfort, giving you additional lumbar support, should you want or need it. Simply depress the retractable lever and spin to raise the lumbar area to meet your personal comfort. 

Greater than the sum of its parts, The DUX Bed is designed to evolve, adapt, and grow with you, providing renewable components, interchangeable densities of support, and an extra lift when you need it. Over a lifetime, no matter what your needs, the DUX bed will always have your back.

Understanding Back Pain and Sleep Posture

Foresee The Unforeseeable

Not only do our individual body types and needs differ, but our bodies change for a variety of reasons. Should you require a little extra support – either permanently or due to a temporary condition like a sports injury – the DUX 8008 model includes a lever on each side of the bed that allows you to increase each side of the bed’s lumbar support (up to 1.5”).


The challenges of pregnancy can cause uncomfortable sleep for a variety of reasons. The DUX Bed is designed to evolve with you. The combination of the Lumbar Adjustment with our unique Pascal Customizable Cassette System allows you to easily reconfigure your DUX to compensate for your body changes during pregnancy, and back again, making DUX the ultimate pregnancy bed.

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The DUX 8008 with Additional Lumbar Support

The Ultimate Sleep Experience

Our most advanced bed design. Complete customizability with deep suspension, pascal comfort zones, and additional lumbar support adjustment.

See The DUX 8008 With Lumbar Support