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About Us

DUX, the Swedish heritage

Four generations, over 90 years, more than 30 countries, and over 300 stores. We are a family company producing one of the most technologically advanced beds on the market. Our great attention to comfort, longevity, quality, and innovation led us to create beds that enable better sleep.

Once upon a Time in Sweden

Everything started in 1926 in Malmö, where Efraim Ljung launched his first innerspring mattress production in Sweden. Four Ljung family generations later, DUX became a global brand, opening 88 stores worldwide. The finest craftsmanship, simple design, and high-quality materials have been appreciated on U.S. soil since 1977. By the end of 1990, DUX's fame spread throughout Europe, winning the British people's hearts. Apart from the significant growth, we remain a family company, proud of our roots and tradition. Visit one of our stores in over 30 countries.

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DUX is more than just a bed. It is a vehicle for your well-being. The construction of our products has evolved over the years. We are continuously refining, improving, and innovating our signature technology based on high-tensile springs. Our beds are constructed with a hardwood frame that can be fitted with a variety of leg choices. Some of our beds offer adjustable lumbar support to fulfill your specific needs. We aim to provide you with the best experience, rest, and relief.

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The Jetson chair

It has an iconic modern urban design.

DUX introduced the Jetson chair at the Nordiska Galleriet in Stockholm in 1969. It took three years for Bruno Mathsson, father of modern Swedish design, to finalize this world-famous piece of furniture. Its perfect fusion of traditional Swedish craft and Modernism became an immediate success. Mathsson had an excellent feeling for simplicity, fastidious beauty, and combined it with comfort and elegance of form.

The Jetson chair features a bowl-shaped seat, ergonomically designed high back with a head pillow, and a chrome swivel base with a unique self-return mechanism.

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