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Amazon's Alexa Now Lives Inside a Mattress to Help You Get a Better Night's Sleep

This week, the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show has introduced us to a lot of groundbreaking technologies for the home. We've seen futuristic models like Samsung's tennis-ball sized robot 'Ballie' who acts as a personal assistant and housekeeper, as well as a collection of bathroom innovations from toilet paper brand Charmin. Now, we're moving into the bedroom, and one Swedish luxury mattress retailer is giving us the opportunity to literally sleep with Amazon's Alexa.  

DUXIANA is combining its high-end mattresses with our favorite smart technologies to ultimately make the bed the control center of the room. At CES 2020, the company unveiled the DUX Element, a king-sized mattress that features the company's newest innovation, the DUX Smart Module, installed on the underside of the mattress. Think of it as Alexa living inside the mattress. Between voice-activated commands and the DUX app, she'll help you craft the perfect bedroom environment to fall asleep in...




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