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Seize The Morning: Regenerate

This is an excerpt from Life, Awakened – a series of videos and articles that promote harnessing the power of sleep for those in pursuit of an active, healthy lifestyle.


Sleep is paramount to performance, but a well-executed morning provides an unparalleled sense of accomplishment and sets you up for a productive day. Equinox trainers and experts often rise with the sun so they can cater to clients who exercise before work. For them, the first few hours after waking up are a precious time for preparation, nourishment, and relaxation. 

Here, they share the regeneration and goal-setting strategies they use to seize the morning so they can gain momentum for the hours ahead. 


“I connect to my breath by practicing a few rounds of 4-7-8 breathing before getting up. I also take a cold shower to increase my alertness and get myself ready for the day. I find this routine helps me get my morning off to a good start.” —Matt Delaney, CSCS, national manager of innovation at Equinox


“I like to put aside a few minutes each morning to establish goals for the day that I’m confident I can complete. This helps me set my intent so I stay focused and have my eye on the prize. These small wins will compound to larger wins over time.” —Chris Chang, Tier 3+ trainer in New York City


“My morning rituals, like allowing myself time for self-reflection, give me a sense of purpose for my plans that day and give me the time to rest and restore. In this digital world, where being busy is celebrated and often encouraged, I believe finding downtime is crucial for our well-being.” —Bee Bosnak, yoga instructor at Equinox in New York City


“On weekends, I like to get out in the morning for a long walk near the water. Spending any time in any type of nature is a proven restorative technique.” —Bethany Snodgrass, health coach and operations manager at Equinox Fitness Training Institute


Optimal health is an equilateral triangle of fitness, nutrition, and sleep. Furthermore and DUXIANA have partnered to bring you a series of articles helping you prioritize this triangle and optimize your performance as a result. Prepare for an awakening.