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Seize The Morning: Move

The morning officially begins when you regain consciousness and open your eyes, but your body may lag behind your mind after waking from a deep sleep. That’s why Equinox trainers and experts rely on a.m. routines to stimulate their muscles. To prepare themselves for the day ahead, their commitment to movement starts long before they head to work. 

Here, they share their tips for warming up their bodies so they can seize the morning from the start. 

Rehydrate Your Joints

“Before getting out of bed, I like to move my body bit by bit. Some days, I flex and extend my limbs. Other days, I tense up my muscles and release. The body becomes dehydrated overnight and these routines prevent stiffness. Plus, I have a few injuries right now, so I need to promote blood circulation before my feet touch the ground.”
Chloé Levray, Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox Glendale

Go Into Downward Dog

“I like to focus on slow, rhythmic movements that increase my core temperature and restore my range of motion. Downward dog and the World’s Greatest Stretch counterbalance the negative effects from the previous day's sitting and driving by engaging the hips and thoracic spine.”
—Alex Zimmerman, director of Equinox’s Tier X program

Choose Your Stretches Wisely

“We tend to think of sweat-inducing cardio workouts when we think of movement, but your morning routine should also include static stretches. Since I mainly box, one of my favorites is the supine twist. It helps my lower back since there's so much rotation in boxing. When it comes to stretches, try to choose ones that complement the rest of your training plan”
—Christa DiPaolo, national manager of THE CUT presented by Equinox

Squat, Then Skip

“I incorporate deep bodyweight squats into my morning routine to help loosen up after spending the night in bed. Later, I take the train to work, and I like to skip the stairs on my way up to the platform. This quick exercise gets my heart rate up before the ride.”
—Matt Delaney, national manager of innovation at Equinox