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Life, Awakened

Furthermore and DUXIANA present Life, Awakened - a series of videos and articles promoting deep, regenerative sleep as the foundation for an active, healthy lifestyle.


While most of modern society lives their life in days, the high-performer harnesses the power of night. The night is the goal, after all, and what we work towards all day long – the reward of a hard day's work. The night is equal parts art and science: Done properly, it sets us up for success, by the choices we make with our fitness and nutrition and sleep, to the travel and culture we experience in these later hours. It's when our bodies adapt to our workouts, growing stronger; it's the most impactful time in terms of our beauty and skincare regimens. Everything wonderful, powerful and significant happens at night. And when we thrive at night, we thrive during the day.


Optimal health is an equilateral triangle of fitness, nutrition, and sleep. Furthermore and DUXIANA have partnered to bring you a series of articles helping you prioritize this triangle and optimize your performance as a result. Prepare for an awakening.